Welcome to our new Herost Global Youth Ambassador Camille

Herost AmbassadorHello Herost people! Today, we are delighted to welcome Camille CLUZEAUD, French, as our new Herost Global Youth Ambassador.
“My name is Camille, I am 28 and a Humanitarian Project Coordinator. When I was 12 years old, I got a chance to visit Kenya and that trip was kind of a revelation for me. Rather than the trip itself, the contact with the children of my age, and to witness how they lived and went to school awakened something in me. This was revealed many years later when I had to choose a career!
Indeed, I knew deep inside that I wanted to travel, to discover and experience different cultures, ways of life… But what to do? Journalism, diplomacy, business? No. When I learnt that the humanitarian sector was a professional one, I started studies in that area. This involved a lot of social sciences to be able to understand crises, conflicts, natural disasters and their impacts on the human societies. I knew that I wanted to understand them and be involved even if it was only a little water drop in the ocean. Since then, I have been lucky to visit over 15 countries, in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, for my work!
I want my “leisure” trips to be aligned with the same goals: to understand, know and maybe contribute a little to the improvement of local livelihoods, without pretending “changing lives” nor “saving lives”.
To sum up, I want to stay humble yet conscious of my impacts, trying to minimize the negative ones wherever I travel while, as far as possible, trying to have even the smallest positive one along the trip!”
Camille, you are totally Herost, and your meaningful work is much more than just a drop in the ocean. We look forward to learning more about your next adventures!
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