Welcome to our new Herost Global Youth Ambassador Anneleen

Herost - Youth Ambassador AnneleenHello Herost friends! Today, we are delighted to introduce you to Anneleen from Belgium, our new Herost Global Youth Ambassador.

“Hi! My name is Anneleen, but please call me Anna 🙂

Like most people in the Herost community, I love traveling. Born and raised in tiny little Belgium, I quickly discovered I didn’t like staying in one place. While being away from home is a step out of my comfort-zone, it is also vital to me to stay happy and motivated.

However, I can’t pinpoint what exactly attracts me to traveling so much. I just like learning about how differently things can work in other places. Being out of the ordinary is an important thing for me, as it is the best way to learn about myself, others and the world.

My best travel experiences come from student exchanges. I prefer staying in a destination for at least a couple of months, as it gives me the time to really experience the place as a local. I see myself as a ‘slow traveler’, discovering little things one by one at random moments, rather than squeezing it all in a short holiday. The past few years, I have been increasingly aware of my environmental and social impact. I do believe there is a way to travel with very small or no impact, and I am very excited to commit myself in this field.”

Anna is currently undertaking an internship at Millennium Destinations in Seoul, as part of her studies in Hospitality Management. In particular, she will be in charge of identifying and exploring off-the-beaten track, eco-friendly travel experiences especially in Korea, Belgium and other exciting destinations.
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