About Herost

Herost – Hosts are Heroes

Herost is an impact platform dedicated to the promotion of sustainable, community-driven tourism and hospitality

Post COVID-19, a new model for tourism needs to be advanced, with a special focus on the development, empowerment and satisfaction of the local communities as the main stakeholders and right holders of the tourism experience, in order to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction and fulfillment for both the hosts and travelers.

Our purpose: to make this world a fairer place to live and to explore
Our vision: to advance travel as a tool for the sustainable development and empowerment of all
Our mission: we support responsible travel accommodation, activity and tour providers, and we highlight their sustainability commitment and performance in order to connect them with travelers who care about their impacts on People and the Planet.

Herost Approach ​

Herost’s unique approach is community-centric and innovative, using new technologies to address a wider market in promoting sustainable tourist accommodations, activities and tours. Our model intends to drive social innovation in the travel and tourism sector through:

  1. An online platform highlighting experiences such as accommodations, activities, tours and events, offered and connecting responsible hosts and travelers.
  2. A Herost Charter and Scoring System featuring 10 mandatory commitments and 20 criteria aligned with the standards of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), and tailored to the specific needs of any host, regardless of their location and size.
  3. A sustainable development strategy combining  quality, reliability and transparency to encourage, promote and reward sustainable practices, in order to prevent greenwashing.
  4. A selection of off-the-beaten path destinations and  experiences in order to disperse and balance the flows of tourists.

Herost Value Proposition

For the hosts: 

  • Recognition of their efforts towards sustainable, community-centered practices
  • Increased visibility and competitiveness, access to new markets
  • Attract the growing segment of travelers who care

For the travelers:

  • Time saving and convenience in searching for reliable, verified eco-friendly options for accommodations, activities tours and events
  • High-quality contents about local hosts, authentic experiences and off-the-beaten-path destinations: written, visual and audiovisual storytelling
  • Off-the-beaten track, interactive experiences and destinations
  • Pride of belonging to the Herost community

For the local communities:
A complementary source of revenues and jobs opportunities for local communities with a focus on youth and women

Herost intends to advance travel as a tool for local sustainable development and empowerment
through promoting community-centered experiences that are economically viable, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. 

Our main objective to maximize the benefits of travel for the local hosts, their communities and  the travelers ​while minimizing the negative impacts on  places, people and the planet.

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