El Nido del Condor Ecolodge

Glamping and Bird Watching in Andean Mountains

El Nido del Condor is a glamping-type ecolodge located on the top of a plateau in the Cordillera Central mountain range in the Andes mountains, Colombia. As such, it provide unique opportunities to observe nature, and especially watch condors, the largest birds in the world.

We are a family of four, who designed a nature-based destination, making a sustainable dream as a life model, in order to share with the world a unique place surrounded by magical landscapes and nature, in the spirit of conservation and appropriation of our biodiversity.

Taking into account our professional experience as Architects, in which we have built and designed alternative, inclusive, sustainable buildings, recovering our technology and our architectural heritage. With this vision, we undertook in 2017 our project, in a wonderful and unique site due to its location, surroundings, 360º landscape view, biodiversity and especially the closeness to the nest of a beautiful couple of condors that fly over the 2 canyons that make up our plateau.

With a clear and respectful view of how we should approach this territory, experiences were created to add value to our biodiversity, geography and culture. That is why the concept of sustainability is our main purpose, generating appropriation and recognition of our biodiversity. To attain this, we are implementing and developing different eco-sustainable programs on our property.

Our Eco-Friendly Practices

  • Solar energy system in place.
  • Responsible treatment for organic and inorganic (waste or residue).
  • Ecological cleaning products.
  • harvest and usage of rainwater, oxygenated with a solar aerator.
  • Toilet systems operated with rainwater.
  • Construction with cultivated wood.
  • Aerial cable supported by means of geo clamps.
  • Wood recycling.
  • Nature friendly furniture and environment.

Social Responsibility

We care for the environment by developing sustainable practices by using natural materials with a low energy consumption, we consume fruits and food produced in our region and have developed an investigation about the Andean condor that lives in our surroundings, to educate our residents, seeking to create awareness and appropriation of our environment and culture.

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