Welcome to our new Herost Global Youth Ambassador Aurore

Herost Global Youth Ambassador AuroreDemat! (“Hello” in Breton language). Today, meet our new Herost Global Youth Ambassador, Aurore (“Dawn” in English) BARNIAUD from Brittany, France’s northeasternmost region, currently living in Korea.
You won’t see much of her face this time but we promise we’ll soon unmask her beauty to the moon and to you. Aurore is far from being shy but she surely has s sense of intrigue and magic.
In the meantime, here is the story she wanted to share with you:
“Hi here, Dawn from Brittany, land of wind and… well, mostly wind. How are you doing, fellow wanderers? Quick introduction: I am a nature enthusiast, an art lover and the other way round. I work in media, culture and entertainment. In many ways, I think that I chose this path because since I was a kid, I really thought that everything had already been discovered and that the world had no more surprise for me. No more magic. Since then, I have been to many places: the enigmatic Scotland, the (very) impressive China, Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea…
Through my job, I also worked on many projects that felt like I could recreate all the magic I thought was gone. And guess what I found out?
Life can still be a mystery, as long as you keep your mind and your eyes open, your soul daring and curious, and your feet ready for some new adventures! You may discover yet that the world is still the host of many wonders, and still has many stories to tell in which you still can be a hero. All it takes is to believe, walk in love and act with respect for the world and people around you.”
Dawn, you are such an irresistible Herost Global Youth Ambassador!
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