Arakan Nature Lodge

A Celebration of Simplicity and Sustainability

Arakan Nature Lodge Project started coming together in 2012. Today we are a growing group of local and foreign friends sharing one common belief: there are healthy, more original and truly sustainable ways to be a beach tourist!

In 2014 we joined hands to build Myanmar’s first true eco lodge in Zikhone village. Even though our village is not part of a national park, South Rakhine’s nature is really impressive. It is blessed with assets like rivers, forest hills, mangrove areas, lovely, clean beaches and marine life. Moreover it is a safe area without any conflicts – and Rakhine an extremely hospitable people.

Arakan Nature Lodge’s first and foremost mission extends towards:

  •  Running on green technologies & practices only: 100% solar power 24h/day – green water management – eco-dry composting toilets – garbage/grey water recycling
  •  Facilitation of a culturally connected and unobtrusive guest experience off the beaten track. We offer a sense of belonging to an amazing natural and generous space combined with a retreat from the world to reconnect with nature’s most powerful gifts – serenity and adventure.
  •  The safeguarding of our lodge’s unspoilt grounds with an emphasis on nature preservation, with careful attention to the surrounding areas of our village and the marine environment.
  •  Engaging with respectful investments and poverty alleviation initiatives in peaceful southern Rakhine State, considered one of the most downtrodden states of Myanmar. We will create job opportunities in and around lovely Zikhone village, working with the assets and true potential it already has towards ecotourism.

We’ve built the lodge with local carpenter teams from the villages around. Thus we can ensure that a significant share of the cash to be spent during the building phase goes directly to our community members as building fees. We’ve rebuilt traditional Rakhine houses with recycled wood, sustainable, local building materials and manual techniques. We let natural beauty reveal itself unobstructed and share with our guests the cool and cosy logic of natural living as if staying in our village.

We are positive of bringing in initiatives to explore and protect what is left of the wildlife, nature and marine coastal assets around. Starting ecotourism activities in our area is simply the most promising way to achieve a better future.

We are opening on 1st of October 2017. Once we are up and running, we do hope you can make it to come around and see for yourself. We invite you to discover what makes our lodge so different – green in all aspects – set in nature with space. First and foremost enjoy Zikhone’s spectacular beach where swimming is safe with crystal clear waters around you. Our intimate team of village guides may introduce you to the community and if you whish to know, share in its ancient way of life and show you hidden paths for walks and excursions to secret places around.

Welcome to Zikhone!

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