Magoksa Templestay

Stay at the Temple of the Hemp Valley

Magoksa is the sixth major temple of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Located at the valley of Taehwasan (Taehwa Mountain) in South Chungcheong Province.

The name Magoksa means the Temple of Hemp Valley: ‘Ma’ meaning Hemp, ‘Gok’ meaning Valley and ‘Sa’ meaning Temple. Magoksa has a unique nickname Choon-Magok, meaning Spring Magok. This is due to the breathtaking scenery during Spring. The valley of Taehwasan is filled with blooming Spring flowers and new growth of trees.

According to Magoksa’s history, the temple was founded by High Monk Jajang of Silla Dynasty in 640 A.D. Throughout the years the temple has been kept by High monks of Goryeo and Chosun Dynasty.

Magoksa is also well known in recent Korean history. It is well known that Kim Gu, the president of the Provisional Government of Republic of Korea, was ordained and practiced Buddhism at Magoksa before moving on to work for the Provisional Government of Republic of Korea.

Magoksa was granted protection by UNESCO World Heritage Centre, in July 4, 2018 along with 7 other Buddist temples in South Korea.

Are you the one who is tired of a busy life? Are you looking for a space to listen to your inner voice, to boost your energy? Then Magoksa Temple is the right place for you.

While you are staying with us even for just a short time, you acquire insight into your life. Then you slowly realize you already have the light – the wisdom, the love, the compassion within you. So that eventually you become a more liberated being. And with your light you can help others to be happier and more peaceful.

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