Montra Nivesha

Luxury boutique hotel celebrating the Khmer culture
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A tribute to the traditional Khmer hospitality, Montra Nivesha is a luxury boutique hotel located in Siem Reap, Cambodia, a short distance away from the temples of Angkor.

The residence takes its name from the words “mantra” (montra in Khmer), a Buddhist incantation or blessing, and “Nivesha”, which relates to any kind of residence, either secular or sacred, in the Khmer culture. Guests of Montra Nivesha get access to this hidden retreat through a wooden bridge symbolizing the passage from the outside world to the sacred world.

Dedicated to spirituality, healing and harmony, the residence offers a perfect retreat to those seeking unique and authentic local experiences. It was founded by Madam Tan Sotho, a Khmer lady born in Siem Reap in the late 40s, who survived the hardships of her life in particularly devastating times, thanks to her faith in Buddhism.

Passionate about interior design and fine arts, Madam Sotho is particularly attached to her culture, her mother country and her culinary heritage. After a career as a tour guide then travel agent, she first opened a guesthouse in 2000 called HanumanAlaya or residence (Alaya) of Hanuman (the Hindu monkey god). It later became the 15-room HanumanAlaya Boutique Residence, launched in 2005.

After over a decade of expansion, with the addition of a new wing, a swimming pool, a spa and a cinema. Montra Nivesha was born in 2014. Still very energetic and young at heart, Madam Sotho has been operating the boutique hotel together with her daughter until now.

She is also famous for her signature recipe of fish amok or amok trei, a Khmer steamed fish curry, often cited as the national dish of Cambodia.

Among many eco-friendly features, Montra Nivesha has an in-house filtered drinking water system available in all rooms and is 99% plastic free. 

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