Please check below the 10 commitments below to become a Member of our Herost Comunity

  1. Quality of Hospitality – The Host is committed to offer high quality hospitality, based on the standards, rules and regulations applicable in the destination.
  2. Sustainability Engagement – The Host is committed to adopt sustainability practices and to encourage responsible behaviors from the staff and guests.
  3. Cultural Authenticity – The Host is committed to incorporate elements of the local culture and traditions into the architecture, furniture and decoration related to the accommodation / activities.
  4. Responsible Purchasing – The Host is committed to purchase fair, local and/or domestic products and services in priority.
  5. Local Community Support – The Host is committed to offer job and income opportunities to local community members in priority.
  6. Water and Energy Saving – The Host is committed to monitor and control the consumption of water and energy resources and to keep them accessible to the local community.
  7. Biodiversity Preservation and Restoration – The Host is committed to support global, regional and local efforts towards preserving and restoring the biodiversity.
  8. Waste Management and Reduction – the Host is committed to implement a variety of measures to sort out, reduce, reuse, recycle and/or up cycle waste, in collaboration with the local community.
  9. Pollution Minimization – The Host is committed to identify and minimize (reduce, eliminate) the existing and potential sources of pollution related to the accommodation.
  10. Climate Change Mitigation – The Host is committed to climate change mitigation through reducing the direct Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the accommodation / activities.