Rakkojae Andong Hahoe

Experience the elegance of Korean culture

Following the success of Rakkojae Seoul Bukchon, Rakkojae Andong Hahoe opened its doors in 2009 as an elegant compound of traditional Korean guesthouses.

The property embodies the meaning of its name : a place where one can enjoy the traditions of times past and rest one’s soul. On July 31, 2010 the Hahoe Folk Village was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, finally receiving international recognition for its culture value. The entire village has long been designated as Important Folk Property No.122 by the Korean government, for having preserved its ancient form and traditions for the past 600 years. It is a special place where nature itself is the tourist attraction.

Located in front of the Hahoe Village ferry dock, Rakkojae Andong Hahoe consists of four separate “choga” houses : Anche, Byulche, Sarangche, and Munganche. Rakkojae Andong Hahoe is the only traditional accommodation in the Hahoe Folk Village where each room has its own private bathroom. Furthermore, the yellow-mud sauna located in the Munganche is being enjoyed by our guests as a healthy relaxation space. We hope that each and every guest is able to rest mind, body and soul while staying at Rakkojae Andong Hahoe.

In the evenings, we offer the opportunity to create lifelong memories by observing the beauty of Korea. Such beauty can be felt in the simplest of things ; in the shimmering stars seen through a stone fence, the moonlight that envelops the entire village, or the gentle lines of “choga” houses. This serenity is why a stay at Rakkojae Andong Hahoe brings true comfort. Come and escape the hectic city lifestyle and experience total relaxation at a place that feels as if time stands still.

A short ride across the river on an experienced ferryman’s boat will bring you to “Buyongdae”, a 64 meter high cliff that marks the end of the Taebaek Mountain Range. Upon reaching the top of this famous cliff, one is rewarded with a stunning panoramic view of the 600-year old Hahoe Village, the Nakdong River that winds around it, and its white sand beaches. Guests also have the option to take a refreshing stroll through the Natural Monument.

No.473 “Mansongjeoung” forest, which is located adjacent to Rakkojae. Rakkojae Andong Hahoe is a place that combines the traditional elegance of a traditional “choga” and the convenience of a modern home. It is the perfect hideaway for today’s city-dweller to cleanse mind, body and soul. We invite you to momentarily leave your stress and worries behind in order to escape to a more simple past.

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