Shawandha Ecolodge

Jungle Resort

Shawandha Ecolodge is a neo primitive destination nested under the lush rainforest of South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Shawandha Ecolodge is fully committed to the environment. Our responsibility begins by conserving the natural habitat and the species surrounding us. We make a responsible use of the entire ecosystem, we provide motivational tools and incentives to appreciate and enjoy nature, and we use local materials and labour. What’s more, we oversee the entire supply chain and efficiently manage resources and waste. We actively fight for the conservation of local heritage, environmental education and social justice.

Founded in 1993, Shawandha Ecolodge offers its guests a neo-primitive concept, with an artistic fusion of hardwoods, bamboo and palm that reinforces the impression of being at one with nature. We seek out a balance between spreading the cultural heritage of the environment and its conservation. The resort is designed following the principles of sustainable architecture, so that guests can fully enjoy the environment and its biodiversity.

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