Our Herost Global Youth Ambassador Hannah is flying high in Istria

Hello Herost friends!

We got some exciting news from our intrepid Global Youth Ambassador Hannah who recently experienced tandem paragliding above Croatia.

Hannah’s story

“Croatia is a land well known for its natural beauty, so what better way to see it than through the help of nature itself! Using the winds and the heat from the sun, I was able to paraglide over a small hilltop town of Buzet in Croatia. And of course, I was able to learn a bit about how the thermal winds are used to navigate while paragliding from none other than my tandem paragliding guide, a former national team paraglider! I’m fortunate to be able to stay in the Istria region in Croatia, the last “green” area in terms of low COVID risk in all of Europe!”


Lucky Hannah, paragliding in Istria seems to be the ultimate Herost experience!