A Tempting Truffle Tasting in Croatia by our Herost Global Youth Ambassador Hannah

Today, let’s talk about food!

After her Istrian overhead adventure, our Herost Global Youth Ambassador Hannah came back to the ground for an exquisite culinary experience: a truffle tasting hosted by Karlić Tartufi in Buzet, Croatia.

Hanna’s story

“Istria is a region rich in high quality food culture, with specialties in olive oil, prosciutto, wild asparagus, wine, and of course truffles!

White truffles are a rare, distinctive mushroom that grows naturally only in Italy and the region of Istria, in Croatia. The valley and forests around Motovun are rich in white truffles, which grow only in the last 4 months of the year, and black truffles, which grow all year round on the sloping sides of the hills. Many families take dogs and spend whole days searching for and digging up truffles (which usually around 30 cm deep, but can be up to about 1 m under the ground!) It takes a lot of skill, know-how, and luck to find these precious mushrooms, but once you do, you’ll definitely be compensated for your hard work, whether it’s through your pockets or through your taste buds. 😉

The Karlic family is a family near the town of Buzet whose three generations all participate in truffle hunting. They have a special tasting shop and gift store to try different fresh truffle cuisines: truffle oil, truffle vinegar, truffle cheeses, truffle sausages, truffles canapes and pates, and even a rich chocolatey truffle spread: trufella! According to the owner, she suggests using black truffles for scrambled eggs and white truffles for pasta and topping off fritules (a typical fried Istrian dessert) with trufella, though if you visit their little shop, there are numerous recipes and pastes for you to try and experiment with at home.”

Hannah, did we tell you how much we love truffles? Just saying 😉