Welcome to our New Herost Global Youth Ambassador, Sarah from France

Herost Global Youth Ambassador Sarah

Hello Herost globetrotters, how have you been? Yes, it’s tough to feel grounded but let’s try and stay positive! Today, let us introduce you to our new Herost Global Youth Ambassador, Sarah HASSINE-DEPARDAY, an energetic travel lover from Paris, France, currently living and studying in Seoul, Korea.

“Hi! I am Sarah the dreamer.
I am just an ordinary person with an extraordinary dream. I was born and raised in Paris. From the moment I could fly, I wanted to travel around the World. Then, I eventually ended in Korea where. I decided to study Tourism and Management.

I have loved travelling in Asia during my free time. I see myself as a problem-solver, organized and active woman. I’m always looking for a new challenge. I have the power to change pessimist thoughts into optimistic ones. I recently got interested in sustainable tourism. I want to promote tourism in smaller countryside destinations where culture is still alive and reconnect traveler with the nature.”

Welcome aboard, Sarah!