A plain yet tasty food experience in Zecevo, Croatia

Our Herost Global Youth Ambassador Hannah REDDEN had a delightfully simple food experience in Zecevo, Croatia. 

Herost Food Experience Croatia

“When it comes to creating memorable experiences in a foreign country, most people imagine touring the sights, dedicating a relaxation day in a scenic location, or jumping into an action-packed day of activities. Therefore, I was truly surprised to recall that, amongst all of the diversified and amazing experiences throughout Croatia, one of my most memorable experiences in Croatia was actually an entire day spent at “home.”

On a warm late summer day, in a small town called Zecevo, my host family took me to a small, local fish farm to pick out and help filet the fish for our lunch meal. The menu for the day was orada, a special local fish, seasoned with salt, pepper, and homemade olive oil. While preparing the fire for the grill, my host emphasized that the fire must be fed with local fragrant wood and herbs – olive branches trimmed from their olive grove, rosemary and lavender from their garden, and smilje picked from various tufts scattered around the vicinity of the house.

As we moved on to the grill, the work began to pick up speed, grilling, flipping, and rotating the fish, then quickly stretching the dough and throwing the pieces of bread into the oven to grill. Although only a side dish, the simple yeast and flour bread was unbelievably crispy on the outside while remaining soft and chewy on the inside. The doughy goodness was couple with rich homemade olive oil with minced garlic and parsley, and just looking at the pictures again makes my mouth water…

After a busy morning of preparing the meal, we hungrily piled up our plates with the fish and bread, hot off the grill. Silverware was provided, but, as my hosts demonstrated, not required. 😉

The overall meal was fairly simple, grilled fish with salad and bread, yet the complexity and richness of the flavors along with the experience of learning more deeply about Dalmatian cooking and cuisine under the bright and warm sun and friendly ambiance amongst the host and other guests made this a truly unforgettable meal.”

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