Meet Marie, our New Herost Global Youth Ambassador from France

Dear Herost members and supporters,
Today, we are pleased to introduce you to our new Herost Global Youth Ambassador, Marie LORENZO, from France.
Until COVID-19, Marie has traveled extensively, especially in South Korea, her favorite country, but also in Thailand and Cambodia where she had the chance to participate in a photo workshop for deaf and dumb children hosted by French visual artist Ulla Reimer.
Marie’s many travel experiences inspired her to study sustainable and fair tourism. This year, she contributed to the development of Herost as an intern, which convinced her to pursue a career dedicated to sustainability and solidarity.
She is now working on a project aimed at promoting responsible fashion designers across the world through a blog. For her, sustainable development should not be a fad but a lifestyle.
Her message: “Be respectful of the environment and the locals you will meet during your travels”
Indeed, any travel experience should be enjoyed as a learning and growing opportunity!